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Just a peak at past THEATRE projects

"Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theatre, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world."

Alan Rickman 


ONE WOMAN SHOW starring: Lily Mercer

"THE SEARCH... starts with a hoot as "Trudy," the humble but oh-so-wise narrator of the story, enters and explains herself, along with a few other things we'd been wondering, but were afraid to ask. As "Trudy" introduces us to her alien friends, Lily Mercer takes on the neighborhood with fine acting skill and vocal work. 

Against a delightful backdrop set, Lily becomes a variety of men and women with only a change of voice and posture placement. Her snappy repartee between herself as the grandparents was a particularly fine example of instant characterization. We not only believed the two separate characters, but we believed their history as well. - Nancy O. DeMilner, Flagstaff ARIZONA DAILY SUN

"Mercer has the ability to thrust herself into a character or situation with complete abandon. She convinces us with a few overt changes that she is the person whose sketch absorbs us for that moment. It is obvious she loves comedy and has worked in it a lot." Earl Sennett, SEDONA RED ROCK NEWS

ALWAYS, PATSY CLINE created by Ted Swindley

Starring: Christine Mild and Lily Mercer

"The show has its lighter moments thanks to Louise, played by Lily Mercer. Louise talks to the audience, recalling her meeting with Patsy Cline and the letters signed Always, Patsy Cline... Her comedic timing is perfect and she'll even make you cry when you discover with her that Patsy was killed in a plane crash. Mercer is the spark that ignites the show from song to song." - Tammy Proctor, THE SUBURBANITE 


Starring: Charlene Tilton, Charlie Duran, Lily Mercer, et al

"There are two performances that do mange to instill some emotional energy to the proceedings. Charlie Duran effectively communicates the sadly romantic yearnings of young Dr. David Scott toward Claire. And Lily Mercer communicates the intelligence and wit of Claire's attorney Margaret Hill." - Julio Martinez, VARIETY

JUST WHO Do I THINK I AM? by Lily Mercer

Written by and Starring Lily Mercer


"A solid hour of total entertainment" - THE ARIZONA RADIO KJAZ-FM

Just a peak at past FILM AND TV projects

Just a peak at past COMMERCIAL projects

"I fell in love with acting as a child, and pursued the dream of becoming a professional with a vengeance.  After college, where I studied Theatre Arts and Speech, I went on to complete a two year program in New York at the prestigious Playwrights Horizons Professional School, studying playwriting and directing, in addition to acting. After that I worked extensively in theater as an actor, then transitioned into directing and writing, all the while still working as an actor.  I went on to work in TV (both series work and commercials), as well as voice-overs, print work, and industrial training videos.  But one huge claim to fame is four years as a guest host on QVC, where I learned the most about marketing myself.

I have had so many wonderful acting opportunities, but there have also been challenges. Often these challenges came from a lack of experience.  There is so much about the business of this business that no one tells you, so years ago, I began to teach - not only the craft of acting, but the business as well.  Now I have 15 years experience as an artist-in-residence at in the public schools, in addition to working as an adjunct professor at three universities.  These days, an artist needs to know their craft, and know the business as well, and I want to help with both.  It makes me very happy to do what I love, but it also makes me happy to share what I know - which I do willingly." 

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