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Guess where I went! 

Kyoto, Japan !!

I love to travel. So far, I have visited 44 states and 12 foreign countries on three continents. Much of my travel in the states has been during six cross country treks. I highly recommend seeing the USA first-hand - from Niagara Falls, to the Grand Canyon, to colorful La La Land, there is always something around the corner that will take your breath away.

         In May of 2018 I left the country. For good reason.  I fulfilled a dream and spent a week in KYOTO, JAPAN - and fell in love with that country.  I can't wait to go back to that hypnotic place and explore even more.  But next time, I want to take a group of writers with me.  Contact me for more information.

In April of 2022 I went to historical -Jim Thorpe, PA

THE ROAD TO LATTIMER, by Virginia Rafferty, (see the Works in Progress page) is a book about the immigrants of Eastern Europe who moved across the world to work in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. Recently, I was hired to write the movie of version of this book, and whenever I write, I like to do research. As soon as I could, I drove 300 plus miles to see first-hand what that part of the world looked like. The story takes place around Jim Thorpe, Hazleton, and Lattimer, and I stayed in Jim Thorpe, a picturesque community with plenty of history. And of course, I dug into mining country - pardon the pun. Although I grew up in Kentucky, and saw strip mining up close, this kind of coal mining was deep in the mountains.  And I needed to see it.

While in Pennsylvania I was able to go to the Eckley Miners Village (, where the movie The Molly Maguires was done, and the No. 9 Mine and Museum (, as well as the site at Lattimer where 19 miners were killed while marching for higher wagers and better working conditions. 

It was like stepping back in time - and it was all very informative.


In addition, I discovered a film festival I was not aware of, the Jim Thorpe International Film Festival,

(, and was fortunate to be able to attend their fifth year festivities. There were some excellent foreign and domestic films that really inspired me. And I met so many really wonderful people.

So here are a few of the pictures I's like to share

In May of 2017 I went to friendly vancouver, b.c.

I was honored to have had my script MY OLD MAN chosen as a finalist for the screenwriting competition in the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival.  #VIWFF  So I decided to go.  

When I got there I checked into my hotel, and immediately felt like a celebrity.  A room with a view!  At night the lights were spectacular and in the afternoon I could see the cruise ships on the water.  There was also a great restaurant in the hotel with desserts to die for.  Next time you're in Vancouver, you might want to stay at the Century Plaza Hotel.

The #VIWIFF festival took place at Vancity Theatre, a modern facility with lots of places to meet and meet up.  Not only did I find an enormous wealth of smart, supportive women, but also an abundance of remarkable films.  I attended dozens of screenings and sat in on the panels afterwards.  I also participated in a panel on writers, then went to brunch afterwards with a few new friends: Joan MacBeth, writer and screenplay competition organizer; Maja Aro, filmmaker, stunt coordinator and all-round badass; Michelle Muldoon, writer and producer at Paisley Productions; and Leslie Mapstone, writer and documentarian.  I was happy just to be part of the festival, so when I won, it was an embarrassment of riches. 

And did I mention that the city was beautiful?  Vancouver is full of the kind of architecture and history I seek.  I took a short tour, visiting some of the historic homes in the area, (see the birdhouses in the tree?), and then walked to the water.  Even through the rain I could see the beauty of this city.  

While in Vancouver, I decided to visit - victoria island, b.c.

On Victoria Island, DANDA HUMPHREYS guided me around the island, walking the same steps as Nellie Cashman, a pioneer and gold-miner from the late 1800's. Nellie is one of the women I highlight in my series, "Lost Women of American History,"  and I am working hard to get her story told.  Then we met up with THORA KERR ILLING, one of the leading authorities on Nellie.  Check out Thora's latest book, "Gold Rush Queen."

Danda Humphreys

Victoria's walking Tour Guide

St. Ann's Academy

Where Nellie spent last days

Thora Kerr Illing

Author of "Gold Rush Queen"

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