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Let's have some fun!!!

If you live in the Richmond area, come join me

 Sundays at NOON or Mondays at 6:00 PM 

for a home cooked meal, a glass of wine (or two), followed by a good play (read by professional actors), and some great conversation in the comfort of my living room. Limited to 12.


thank you!

2017 Vancouver International Women in Film Festival

I am so grateful to have won Best Screenplay for MY OLD MAN.  Writing this story was a labor of love.  It is a character-driven drama about a 40-year-old widow on the verge of suicide who picks up a 99-year-old man hitchhiking.  As their relationship unfolds, he helps her to live and she helps him to die, and along the way, wounds are healed and fences are mended.  l believe this is a universal story, and my fingers are crossed that this story will make it to production.

Lost Women of American History​

   After working as an actor and theatre director, I founded a small professional theatre in Sedona, Arizona, the Actors Repertory Theatre of Sedona.

One weekend while exploring the state, I walked right into the middle of NELLIE CASHMAN DAYS in Tombstone, Arizona. After doing some research I was astounded that I had never heard of this remarkable woman, an Irish immigrant and gold miner who helped to settle the Wild, Wild West.

I wrote my first bio-pic about Cashman, and the rest is history - literally. This slideshow is just a peek at the trailblazers who inhabit the world of the


You'll never guess what I'm doing now

The summer of 2019 I got a job teaching Screenwriting at a university in Virginia. I packed up my belongings and my two cats and moved the 2500 miles cross country (which could have been an episode of I Love Lucy, but I digress).  I taught for one semester before my world, and everyone else's, changed dramatically. So there I was in Richmond, Virginia, wondering what would happen next.

 I'm like a lot of other people - when the Corona Virus came along, I didn't think it would last long. I felt lucky that I had enough savings to keep me going for few months, so I hunkered down, ate a lot of cake (my personal comfort food), watched TV, and waited until I could go back to acting, directing, and writing, and teaching. When it became clear the quarantine wasn't going to end for a while, I started to panic. I was recently divorced, now with no savings left, and no family I could call on for help. In other words, I had nothing to fall back on.

But that was a lie. I had myself to fall back on. I had a lot of creativity, time, energy, and a sewing machine. Inspired by Project Runway, I started making hats (something else I love to design). Unfortunately, hats - at least the kind I was making - require a fitting. So now what? Then a friend (thank you, Doug!) reminded me that 20 years ago I made Christmas stockings to give to my friends as holiday gifts. In fact, he sent me a picture to illustrate how well they held up. I was surprised - and a little honored - that his family had passed those down from generation to generation. So I started making Christmas decor.

Soon I added something that I have made all my life - desserts! Check out the website and go to the page for The Sweet Shoppe.  Maybe you'll find something there you'd like.

But whatever you do, stay well!!

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